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Investment Property Portfolio Management

 This service was developed to assist investment clients who have properties in different areas across the country and do not have the time to control and manage their portfolio.  We take on the role of the Landlord and liaise with the Letting Agents on all aspects of the Investors Portfolio.  At the end of each month the Investor will receive a full report on his entire property portfolio.  Below are the services and  costs for this service.


Below lists our services and requirements;

  1. PPM will recommend a good letting agent where possible, but the final choice will remain the choice of the client.
  2. PPM will liaise with the Letting Agent so that the client no longer needs to do this.
  3. The client will give PPM, internet operator access to all the bank and bond account of each property.
  4. PPM in conjunction with the Letting Agent will liaise with service providers to obtain quotes for repairs which will be submitted to the client for approval before the commencement of the work.
  5. PPM will ensure the work is inspected before payment is made.
  6. Any further property purchases, the client will send the Offer to Purchase to the PPM and they will handle all further communication with the Estate Agent, Attorney, Bond Originator and Letting Agent. The client will at all times receive updates on the progress of the transaction from the PPM.
  7. PPM will provide the client with a monthly Excel Spreadsheet monitoring the following:
    1. Rental payable
    2. Rent received
    3. Bond instalment paid
    4. Shortfall or surplus
    5. Levies and rates paid
    6. Maintenance and other costs paid
    7. Monthly remarks on each property, where necessary
  8. PPM ensures that all rates and levy accounts are up to date.
  9. PPM handles all refinancing of properties once the client has decided which properties to refinance.

For the above services PPM will require the following information (the PPM service cannot commence until all the below requirements have been met):

  1. List of properties and Letting Agents
  2. List of entities in which properties are registered
  3. Letter of Authority for all Trusts showing IT number
  4. Operator status on the clients bank accounts to check balances and to load payments for authorization by the client.

For the above the clients will receive a monthly invoice of R250 plus VAT per property administered for Treoc Platinum clients and R350 plus Vat per property administered for non Platinum clients. If at any stage the client is not happy with the services of the PPM this agreement can be cancelled immediately.